Claim:CDC officer arrested for possessing multiple Voter ID cards

Source: Facebook user


Researched by Sedem Kwasigah

A Facebook post claims that an officer of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) assigned to Marvinkonadu Town in Vionjama, Lofa County, has been arrested for possessing 53 different Voter ID Cards.

The claim shared by the Facebook page, Liberian Radio and Television Network (LRTN) indicates that the cards were found on the Chair lady in the camp of the CDC candidate, Sekou B. Korleh.

This report seeks to verify the accuracy of the claim.


On October 10, 2023, eligible voters in Liberia went to the polls to elect their leaders to represent them as President, Senators and Members of the House of Representatives.

A total of 20 Presidential candidates, including the incumbent President will be contesting the polls.


The National Liberia Police has confirmed the arrest.

However, the number of Voter ID cards confiscated after being found on the CDC party official is overstated.

The Spokesman of the National Liberia Police, Moses Cater said 24 voter ID cards were found on Hajah Sherrif, the culprit and not 53 as claimed in the Facebook post.

“I just got off the phone with Lofa County Commander, and he confirmed that Hajah Sheriff was seen with 24 voting cards, and she informed Police that they belong to some voters who asked her to be in possession of their cards until they arrive at the voting centre. However, she is in Police custody and undergoing investigation,” he said.


Therefore, the claim is rated PARTLY TRUE.


This fact-check report was written in collaboration with Jerry Gaye of Local Voices Liberia.